Creating the future of real estate
Diversified Investment and Industrial Group
Creating the future of real estate
Diversified Investment and Industrial Group
Creating the future of real estate
Diversified Investment and Industrial Group
CBS Holding Company

A proactive participant of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Building Community, CBS Holding Company pursues an active policy of regional development.

our projects
project 1
Oleksandrivskyi 1
Phase 5
project 2
Oleksandrivskyi 2
Under construction
Phase 1 & 2
project 3
Under construction
Phase 2
project 4
Teterivskyi Boulevard
Under construction
Phase 2
project 5
Phase 4
project 6
Phase 4
project 7
Construction completed
About CBS Holding Company

CBS Holding Company is a diversified investment and industrial group, which operates in five regions of Ukraine. The company consolidates several companies that specialize in real estate development, general contractor services, brokerage operations in the residential and commercial real estate markets, marketing, IT, and real estate consulting.

CBS Group includes the following structural divisions: Kreativ Bud, CBS Architect, CBS Sales, and CBS Media. The holding company’s focus is real estate development business. Kreativ Bud constructs residential, commercial and social facilities in four regions of Ukraine. CBS Architect is an architectural bureau, which develops project documentation and supports the company’s construction projects. CBS Sales is responsible for the customer service and the sale of residential and commercial real estate. CBS Media conducts consulting in the field of marketing, branding, PR, and information technologies in the construction industry.

CBS construction projects offer uncompromising price-quality ratio, which is expressed in the location of land plots, unorthodox architectural solutions, and ideal deadlines.

Our advantages
residential complexes in four regions of Ukraine constructed.
housing projects completed to accommodate happy families.
regions all over Ukraine.
worth of housing commissioned in 2017
families bought apartments in our houses.
all-ukrainian construction awards in 2017
Our Team
Vadym Kholostenko Managing Partner
Artem Lazaruk Sales & Marketing Director, Partner
Yuliia Karamarkova Chief Financial Officer
Mykola Ziabliuk Technical Supervision Head
Andrii Sapunov Senior Construction Manager
Tetiana Liulka Regional Manager
Kseniia Sukhomlina Regional Manager
Illia Mushynskyi Project Manager
Nataliia Podolska CBS Media Director

Head Office:
03150 Kyiv
131 Antonovycha Str

(044) 332 22 06
(044) 332 22 09
Representative office:
69035 Zaporizhzhia
160 Sobornyi Ave
Business centre ECO Tower

(061) 707 01 71
(061) 228 22 72